470 Module 3 Vision of Sustainability

This page was completed by Ashley and Eric
Akbar found the triple bottom line photo

Design Sustainable Cities


I did the iadding of the pictures, one actionable item, the three es, the quotes.
I started the section by describing how sustainable cities can contribute to global sustainability, listing the traits of sustainable cities and listing the actionable items.
I added the information on The CaGBC, filled out details to existing actionable items, added another actionable item.

eliminate poverty and stabilize population


I contributed by adding information under the following headings:
Population Stabilization... including:
Population Stabilization
Stats on Population Growth vs Time as well as the graphs in that section
Population Growth and it's Effect on the Environment
Over Consumption
Actionable Items
Items 1 - 5

I contributed by adding information under the following headings:
The beginning paragraph before the heading population stabilization
Poverty... including:
Facts on Poverty
Everything on Reasons for the Existence of Poverty
Food Dumping (Aid) Maintains Poverty
Items which need to be address in order to reduce poverty:...
Actionable Items (1-6)

Actionable Items (7 -Education is empowerment)

Protect and Restore the Earth's Resources


I contributed by adding information under the following headings:
Conserving our Forests
Planting Trees to Sequester Carbon
Achieveing Net Zero Deforestation
Conserving and Rebuilding Soils
Regenerating Fisheries
Regeneration Budgete
Actionable Items Everything on forests, soils and marine parks

I did what Eric did not!

Ways to help protect and conserve Natural Resources
Some tips to help conserve these resources;

Provide Adequate Food for All People


The intro paragraph
Definitions of Hunger
Sources of Hunger
Harmful economic systems
Climate Change

Actionable Items (1-5)

Food Security
State of Food Insecurity in the world
Addressing Food Insecurity in Protracted Crises
Agricultural innovation will reduce poverty, help stabilize climate changes
World Hunger
Hunger Stats
Actionable Items 7-10

I added information about UN initiatives for global food production and I provided information for using grain as ethanol fuel.